2021 ISG provider lens™ quadrant report: Probe CX named industry leader

A research report comparing provider strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators.

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Probe CX has been ranked against industry peers in the latest ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report, the highly respected insight into the strengths, competitive differentiators and unique selling points of leading service providers.

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Download this case study to learn:

In this report, learn where Probe CX is ranked vs. other Australian Enterprise service providers across three categories, based on a range of eligibility criteria:

  • Digital Operations category (24 providers); workforce, pricing models, consulting capabilities and digital technology capabilities
  • Work-From-Home Services category (22 providers); work-from-home services including infrastructure, technology and reliable cybersecurity measures
  • Social Media CX Services category (20 providers); social media services with relevant technologies to provide seamless customer experience