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Robert Easton

As CEO of Probe Group, Robert (Bob) Easton is charged with leading Probe CX out of its ‘founder’ phase and into its next stage of transformational growth, through an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
With over three decades in various leadership roles across the outsourcing, technology, digital, business consulting and transformational execution landscape, Bob knows what it takes to empower Probe CX’s business and government clients to embrace change, transform their organisations, unlock trapped value and become more resilient for the future.
Bob is deeply passionate about creating truly human environments where inclusion, compassion, trust, competence, confidence, strengths, innovation and responsible/sustainable business can flourish. He works tirelessly to build enduring trust-based relationships and provides outstanding service, coaching and advice to client leaders. In 2018 he was given a lifetime achievement award in Trust by ‘Trust Across America – Trust Around the World’. 
Under Bob’s leadership, Probe CX will endure and evolve its position as a global leader in customer experience and digital transformation, revolutionising the way businesses connect with and serve their customers.

Sanj Ahuja
Group Chief Financial Officer & Group Executive, India

As the person charged with Probe CX’s overall finance strategy, Sanj Ahuja has a keen interest in the wellbeing of our clients.

That’s because, with 15 years’ experience in Customer Experience senior leadership teams, Sanj knows one of the keys to a financially successful company is financially healthy customers, which is why he strives to ensure Probe CX’s clients receive contract costings that are not only competitive but can deliver what we promise. His mission is to eliminate any chance that a project will fail through inadequate resourcing.

As a long-term head of finance and Certified Practising Accountant, Sanj has the expertise and experience to guide Probe CX’s treasury, accounting, payroll, commercial and pricing, tax and audit functions, which allows us to pursue our aggressive growth strategy and meet our clients’ and investors’ expectations.

Elisha Parks

Being responsible for the safety, wellbeing and development of Probe CX’s people requires a special person and Elisha Parks fits the bill.

With 25 years’ experience in the outsourcing industry and backed by a team of passionate and empathetic HR specialists, Elisha uses a number of ‘touchstones’ when guiding the company’s valued employees and arbitrating issues - trust, fairness, honesty, support and sharing. Each of those themes are crucial on their own but collectively they help make Probe CX a place where people want to work.

Along with overseeing recruitment, Elisha is responsible for developing our unique Heartbeat portal that puts essential information at the Probe CX community’s fingertips, with her team working hard to keep a steady flow of such material across the company.

Haidee Enriquez

Haidee is a true leader with a passion for excellence and over 18 years of experience in the Philippines BPO and contact centre industry. She currently serves as the driving force behind two Probe CX companies, MicroSourcing and Beepo, where she has successfully implemented growth strategies and optimised operations.

Recognised by her peers for her distinction in service, Haidee is also widely respected in government, business and socio-civic circles for her active involvement in initiatives aimed at uplifting people and business management in the Philippines. Her leadership roles have given her a unique perspective on the passion, commitment and strength that come from an outsourced team in the Philippines.

As an alumna of the prestigious Harvard Business School and a recipient of the ‘People Manager of the Year’ award from the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), Haidee is a highly skilled manager with a deep understanding of what it takes to inspire and motivate teams. In addition to her impressive credentials, Haidee's recent appointment to  the Board of Directors for the Contact Center Association of the Philippines has given her a unique perspective on the industry and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leading successful contact centre operations.

Tracey Hinkle
Group Executive, Americas

With a distinguished career in executive positions, Tracey Hinkle is a seasoned leader renowned for orchestrating transformative change and nurturing growth across a wide spectrum of industries. As Group Executive for the Americas Tracey spearheads strategic growth initiatives, market development, partnership strategies and operational excellence, propelling the organisation towards new horizons.

Tracey's expertise lies in providing strategic leadership, leading organisational change and developing and growing new markets. Her breadth of experience in large corporations such as Cisco, Ericsson and Accenture, as well as C-level and advisory roles in private-equity backed companies and startups, exemplifies her breadth of ability to drive profitable growth and develop high-performing teams. Tracey's distinguished career underscores her ability to orchestrate results through business transformation, strategic partnerships and meticulously executed operational strategies. 

Armed with an MBA in Management and Strategy and memberships in CHIEF, an exclusive organisation of C-suite level women, and Association of Corporate Growth (ACG), Tracey has been recognised as Top 100 Women in Leadership by Simmons Leadership group.

Grant Findlay
Group Executive, Operations

Grant Findlay is a seasoned executive with over 17 years of experience in leading and transforming operations for global organisations. As the Group Executive of Operations at Probe CX, Grant brings a wealth of expertise to the team, shaping and digitising delivery capabilities.

Grant has held various pivotal roles in which he was instrumental in establishing and implementing risk management frameworks across the Asia Pacific. Grant also enhanced and managed integrated business governance and delivery management capabilities. His leadership has played a key role in the recovery of challenged engagements.

Aziziye Beyzade
Group Executive, Account Management

A transformational leader and passionate customer advocate with 20+ years' experience in customer experience and management for large and complex organisations operating across local and international markets. Proven track record of championing strategy, innovation and leading digital transformation and organisational change programs that build brand equity and deliver improved service and efficiency. Dedicated to working with our people to create a high performance culture where they thrive professionally and personally, while delivering value to our customers. Always committed to providing a workplace that is accessible and inclusive.

Russell Ives
Group Executive, Sales ANZ

Russell is a seasoned business executive and management consultant with over 30 years of exceptional leadership experience in driving sales transformation and organisational growth. Throughout his extensive career, Russell has successfully driven growth in businesses across various industries and global markets, navigating the intricate landscape of sales, service delivery, product development and customer relationship management.

Russell's distinctive expertise lies in his comprehensive grasp of business operations, IT-driven transformations and strategic negotiation. His dynamic leadership style is underpinned by an impressive track record of translating customer and business needs into tangible, measurable outcomes.

An alumnus of the University of Melbourne, with degrees in Science and Commerce, as well as a Master of Management from the Melbourne Business School, Russell embodies the fusion of academic excellence and real-world insights. His ability to harmonise innovation, creative problem-solving and effective governance sets him apart as a catalyst for change and a driving force behind organisations' success. 

Helena Smith
Group Executive, Marketing

Helena is a marketing leader with over 14 years of experience driving growth and innovation in the industry. As Group Executive for Marketing, Helena is responsible for the marketing strategy across all Probe CX brands. She has a passion for bringing together people and technology to drive unique customer experiences and interaction with our brands. 

A strategic thinker with a keen eye for detail, Helena is passionate about developing strategic marketing programs that resonate with customers across a variety of industries. Her leadership has also been vital in developing brand strategy and support on acquisitions.

Helena's experience in senior marketing positions at several leading companies has given her a deep understanding of what it takes to build successful marketing programs. Her focus on customer engagement, brand strategy and innovation has helped to establish an empowered marketing team fostering a culture of innovation, agility and creative thinking.

Jon Stone
Group Executive, Digital

As Group Executive for Digital, Jon is responsible for driving the company's digital strategies to enhance solutions for customers and optimise operational functions. With a strong background in technology leadership and business transformation, Jon brings a wealth of expertise in leveraging digital, data and AI capabilities.

Jon is a seasoned leader with a strong track record in leading large-scale digital transformations across multiple regions. With over 20 years of experience in consulting and technology firms, he has held senior management positions, demonstrating his expertise in driving organisational success through technology-driven initiatives. Jon's leadership skills and strategic acumen make him a valuable asset in navigating today's dynamic business and technology landscape.

Jon is passionate about collaborating with Probe CX's clients to deliver innovative digital and data solutions that not only enhance their customer experience but also optimise core processes. With his expertise in business transformation, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, process design and human behaviour, Jon is committed to driving digital growth and enabling organisations to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Rohan Khanna
Group Executive, Technology

Rohan Khanna thrives on enabling the interaction between people and technology, which is a godsend for Probe CX’s clients as they confront an increasingly digital world.

For more than 15 years, Rohan has led teams across a variety of business areas including project management, service desk, pre-sales and commercial and relationship management, as well as overseeing transformation projects in utilities, banking, financial services, insurance, eCommerce, telecommunications and government.

That experience has led him to his current role at Probe CX where he is responsible for our systems and technology and implementing clients’ projects. He is passionate about digital transformation, helping company’s avoid confrontational interfaces that lead to harassed humans, using technology to empower people and showing clients how the right systems can help them ‘Do It Better’.

Along with a Bachelor of Business specialising in Information Systems and Diploma of Management, Rohan is a qualified practitioner of the PRINCE2 project management method, which would be no surprise for anyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside him.

Jodi Weightman
Group Executive, Business Transformation

Jodi Weightman is an accomplished, forward-thinking business and technology transformation leader known for her dynamic approach and exceptional results. With a remarkable ability to navigate complexities, Jodi has consistently driven innovative strategic programs that have transformed businesses and achieved operational excellence.

With a track record of success at KPMG, Deloitte, IBM and PwC, Jodi has consistently pioneered strategic market leadership, catalysed innovation through the establishment of groundbreaking teams, spearheaded transformative ESG strategies and positioned firms as leaders in the data and digital domains. Her dynamic leadership style and knack for fostering high-performing teams have solidified her reputation as a visionary force driving positive change and growth.

Jo Zaharopoulos
Group General Counsel & Head of ESG

Jo Zaharopoulos is an accomplished legal professional with over 20 years of experience providing counsel to companies across a range of industries. As Senior Legal Counsel at Probe CX, she brings a pragmatic, solutions focused approach to her work, leveraging her deep knowledge of commercial law, compliance and risk management to protect the company's interests and enable its continued growth.

With her extensive experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating services, technology and consultancy agreements, as well as advising on ongoing compliance and employment law matters, Jo is a trusted advisor to the business, adept at balancing legal and commercial priorities to achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders. She has a proven track record in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, colleagues and external advisors and is widely respected for her exceptional communication and negotiation skills.

Jo's reputation as a leading legal professional in the industry has been recognised, as she was named in the '2022 In-House Leaders List by the Australasian Lawyer' and In-house Counsel of the Year – Women in Law Awards in 2020. Jo has a bachelor of Law with honours and has served as a Board member of Anchor Inc.

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