20% reduction in customer complaints.

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Experiencing a rise in customer complaints and churn? Are customer support channels unable to satisfy customer demands?

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In this case study discover how a customer remediation model:

  • Decreased customer complaints by 20%
  • Reduced case management activity by 70%
  • Improved average handling times by 22%
  • Increase net promoter score (NPS) by 53%
  • Reduced customer transfer rates by 83%
  • Exceeded sales performance targets by up to 103%.

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Customer complaints decreased by 20%


Case management activity reduced by 70%


Average handling times improved by 22%


A leading telecommunications provider delivering reliable mobile, internet and entertainment services.


The client swiftly moved customer service lines offshore as part of a cost optimisation strategy. However, this approach led to an initial rise in customer complaints and churn. Additionally, problems with NBN capacity allocation caused some customers to pay high fees for bandwidth they didn’t use, while others didn’t get enough bandwidth.


Probe CX designed a remediation model in collaboration with the client. The solution involved a combination of strategic and tactical measures:

To meet varying support demands, Probe CX expanded the client’s voice and messaging customer support teams to over 200 full-time employees, including an onshore case management team.
A team of highly knowledgeable experts formed a ‘champions panel,’ providing end-to-end customer support from acquisition to retention, ensuring personalised customer assistance.
Agile huddles were introduced for ongoing customer solution evaluation and development.
The client’s sales team received accelerated training for key service enquiry types.

The network operations division utilised Probe CX’s digital messaging capabilities and agile maturity to implement Oration, an AI and machine-learning solution supporting guided customer journeys. Oration accurately forecasted customer usage by analysing historical and current data, considering factors like day-of-week, weather and sporting events.

graphic-customer usage-desktop


The ramping of customer support channel coverage, implementation of an expert panel, various process optimisation strategies and Oration resulted in significant improvements:

  • Customer complaints decreased by 20% and returned to pre-transition levels
  • Case management activity was reduced by 70%
  • The offshore service provider improved average handling times by 22%
  • Net promoter score (NPS) increased from +44 to +67
  • Customer transfer rates were reduced from 24% to less than 4%
  • Sales performance in various departments exceeded targets, ranging from 40% to 103%
  • Fees paid to NBN for bandwidth costs were reduced by $4 million per year.

The automation set up a baseline for machine learning to be applied for future demand forecasting with their legacy system functionality now centralised into a single system, improving usability.