Probe CX 'does it better' by claiming prestigious Company of the Year award

Probe CX’s commitment to ‘doing it better’ has inspired the industry leader to claim the highest honour at the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards.

The firm was named the 2021 Australia Company of the Year, which is the research and consulting firm’s top award and recognises the market participant that exemplifies visionary innovation, market-leading performance and unmatched customer care.

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The accolade capped off an incredible three years for the customer experience organisation, which has expanded to more than 18,000 employees and 750 customers across 30 locations on the back of a highly successful acquisition strategy.

It was the 10th consecutive year Probe CX (or acquisition Stellar) has been recognised by Frost & Sullivan, with industry analysts reserving special praise for the company’s success in tapping into its “mature work-from-home operations” during the COVID-19 crisis.

Probe CX Chief Executive Officer Andrew Hume said the award was due recognition for the exceptional and tireless efforts of his colleagues during the past year.

“Client satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do and that is what motivates us every day to drive digital enablement and present our partners with intelligent and customised designs,” he said.

“Our commitment to continuous innovation is second to none and we offer the perfect blend of being a private company that can make fast decisions locally but being large enough to offer scalability across several countries.

“This incredible honour from Frost & Sullivan yet again highlights how we have come a long way from being a boutique service provider to being a market leader in our industry.”

The Company of the Year recognition is awarded to Probe CX as the company had excelled in many of the award criteria, with specific praise reserved for:

  • Delivering a comprehensive suite of intelligent customer experience services
  • Commitment to digital technology innovation
  • Thriving for excellence through continuous improvement
  • Placing customers at the centre of its business strategy, and
  • Accelerating growth by delivering on brand promise.

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In the award summation, Frost & Sullivan Industry Principal Sherrel Roche applauded Probe CX’s vision to be the most sought-after customer experience optimisation partner in the market.

“Probe CX is committed to ‘doing it better’ which serves as its mantra to out-perform its competitors, exceed client expectations and outpace demand,” she said.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Analyst Neha Pokharel added: “Probe CX’s value proposition lies in its ability to be agile, flexible and offer customised intelligent design whilst being large enough to offer scalability through its global operations across United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, India and South Africa.”

With more than 18,000 staff across four countries, Probe CX is a leading customer experience and digital transformation organisation that specialises in process simplification, user experience design, customer journey mapping, workforce optimisation, data analytics, customer sentiment analysis, digital deployment and automation.