The growing need for partnerships

The growing need for partnerships | Probe CX

When it comes to strategic partnerships, I firmly believe that 1 + 1 can now equal 3. Let me explain …

Stronger Together

Partnerships have always been part of my world, in the sense that the organisations I’ve worked for have typically teamed with customers in a traditional vendor/client relationship. The emphasis has been on forming strong one-on-one partnerships to deliver what our buyers want or need to take their businesses to the next level.

In recent times though, I believe there is a growing opportunity, if not need, for vendors and their clients to invite third parties into such relationships. As an organisation committed to doing all we can to benefit our customers, Probe CX is an advocate for partnering with technology and solutions companies to deliver the solutions and service possible. It is not uncommon for us to approach technology companies and say: “Our people and expertise coupled with your smart technology could deliver a better result for customers than they ever hoped for.”

It is a win-win-win situation - or, in the language of maths, 1 + 1 = 3.

The technology company benefits by working closely with an organisation that has significant reach and respect across the Australian marketplace. Our people benefit by receiving the training and insights they need to become experts on a particular technology. Finally, our customers get the most benefit of all by being handed a broader solution with first-class, in-country support.

Pandemic Issues

Such collaboration is increasingly needed as the CX industry grapples with the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many tech companies scaling back on overseas resources and travel restrictions reducing opportunities for face-to-face meetings, there is much to be said for partnering with a like-minded company that has a strong presence in-country. Organisations that weren’t so open to partnerships a few years ago are increasingly keen on the idea to help them counter the toughness of the market and overcome the myriad of logistical challenges being thrown at them.

Purchasing organisations are also helping fuel the partnership fire as they tackle their own COVID-19 challenges. I have experienced situations where customers have expressed interest in our services but suggested we partner with one of their existing vendors to simplify the procurement process or reduce evaluation risks. “You have the delivery and operational expertise, they have the tech, we have the business.” It’s all about collaboration.

The Power of Agnosticism

Not all companies in our space are so keen on partnerships. Having opted to produce their own software and tools or invested in technology companies, their focus is on promoting products they have a vested interest in. That is not the case at Probe CX. 

We take a more open-minded and flexible approach, one in which we will find the best solution for our customers regardless of what company’s name is on the product. We currently manage more than 40 technologies across our hundreds of customers, from global players to smaller, niche organisations that have only a handful of staff in Australia, and our commitment to partnerships is guided solely by the positive effect it has on our customers and whether it is based on a solid foundation.

We have a number of examples of how partnering with us can benefit technology companies. By working alongside a provider with such a strong presence in-country, technology providers can rely on our people to develop, deploy and support their technology to brands that may otherwise not have considered them. Better still, those brands are happy because they know Probe CX not only sells best-of-breed technology but knows it inside out.

We are extremely selective in who we partner with. Given our customer base and stature in Australia, we receive many approaches from companies wanting to work with us but it is essential we partner strategically rather than tactically. We do our research. We know the type of companies that match our business ethos, objectives and focus. It has to be an investment by all parties because, with such partnerships becoming more prevalent and important than ever, it is essential that we continue to ensure that 1 + 1 does indeed equal 3.

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