20% reduction in customer complaints.

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Experiencing a rise in customer complaints and churn? Are customer support channels unable to satisfy customer demands?

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In this case study discover how a customer remediation model:

  • Decreased customer complaints by 20%
  • Reduced case management activity by 70%
  • Improved average handling times by 22%
  • Increase net promoter score (NPS) by 53%
  • Reduced customer transfer rates by 83%
  • Exceeded sales performance targets by up to 103%.

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Global insurance group triages 90% of customer queries with generative AI


90% of customer emails were triaged and categorized accurately


Labor cost savings equivalent of up to three full-time employees


A global insurance group.


The client's operations team used to handle 2,000 to 4,000 email queries from customers across multiple shared mailboxes every month. This process involved up to five staff members manually reading each email to identify the customer's issue and then redirecting the query to the appropriate processing team. They sought a solution to automate this labor-intensive process, which was causing delays in resolving customer issues.


Innovior, a Probe CX company, deployed a complete automated triaging system, leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as PowerAutomate and Azure Open AI. This system was designed to automatically analyze incoming emails from all shared mailboxes. It employed a large language model, requiring no coding, to classify the content and determine its relevant processing category. Subsequently, the system efficiently routed each email to the appropriate processing queue.


Through the adoption of Innovior's complete automated email triaging system, the client:

icon-gear-refreshAchieved accurate triaging and categorization of 90% of incoming customer emails, streamlining redirection.
icon-group-of-peopleReduced manual labor costs to the equivalent of two to three full-time employees within the operations team.