Tap into a global talent pool to deliver results

Rising labor costs, talent shortages, soaring rents - It's enough to make an organiZation's senior management cry out in frustration. Fortunately, there is hope and it's in Probe CX's offshore solutions.

For more than four decades, we have been helping our clients build their reputations and grow their revenues by connecting them with professional and highly qualified staff in the Philippines who can support their local teams in whatever capacity they require. Offshore outsourcing is a practical and cost-effective way to build dedicated teams without the hassle of needing to source and screen staff, set up offices for them and spend precious time on the likes of training, HR and payroll.

Running a business is hard enough without taking on more pressure than needed. Hence, why hundreds of businesses continue to ask Probe CX to help ease the load by establishing an offshore team in the Philippines.

The Why

Imagine a resourcing strategy than can save money, improve efficiencies and increase customer experience. Imagine no more. Probe CX's Offshore Solutions can make such dreams a reality.

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Between labor and operating costs, staffing is one of the largest expenses for most businesses but offshoring can turn that question on its head. With the cost of living in the Philippines much lower than in Western countries, there is the potential to not only save up to 70% on fixed costs such as wages, technology and infrastructure but invest those much-needed savings into other areas of the business.



There is nothing quite like riding the rollercoaster of sudden or seasonal spikes to send a shiver down an executive's spine. While many businesses are ill-equipped to quickly recruit new employees when growth opportunities arise, this is where Probe CX truly delivers. Offshore teams can be established in as little as six weeks and when the time comes to scale down, our clients love not being left needing to manage the likes of unused office space and IT assets.

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Onshore staff far too often find themselves weighed down by time-consuming and repetitive tasks that keep them from more productive and rewarding work. Along with increasing efficiencies and job satisfaction for staff, offshoring enhances the customer experience by improving interactions, increasing availability and bolstering access to expert and enthusiastic support.



Offshore outsourcing destinations do not come better than the Philippines and if you don't believe us, consider these facts and figures - up to 70% savings on labor costs; the third-largest English-speaking country in the world; a 97.5% literacy rate; 680,000-plus university graduates each year; an outsourcing talent pool overflowing with the likes of highly qualified accountants, customer service reps, engineers and IT specialists. Not to mention the intangible factors that have earned Filipinos an unrivaled reputation for loyalty, honesty and holding themselves accountable to their onshore employers. Yes, we know what you're thinking - where do you sign me up?

save up to 70%
on our labor costs
University graduates
each year
a staggering 97.5%
literacy rate

The What

Probe CX is proud of its ability to offer full-service staffing solutions. We can help you create an extension of your business in the Philippines with highly qualified staff and teams. Our offshore solutions can help your business tap into a global talent pool - to grow your US operations and deliver results.

We start by deciding if your business is truly ready to roll out an offshore staffing solution. From access to cloud-based tools and documented internal processes to an operation suitable for a remote work setting, we want to ensure our approach is the best approach for you. Then it’s on to customizing a solution to meet your specific situation and starting the search for the best Filipino talent to deliver exactly what your business needs. From sourcing and interviewing candidates to setting up associated infrastructure, we can look after it all. 

With their feet under the desk, it’s now time for us to deliver the ongoing client support we are renowned for.


While you can oversee as much or as little of your offshore team’s productivity and quality control as you wish, the main thing to know is we are committed to ensuring your offshore team consistently delivers the goods so you can focus on the bigger picture of growing your business.


Offshore managed outsourcing providers, 100% owned by Probe CX, Beepo and MicroSourcing provide clients access to the high-quality talent pool available in the Philippines.


One of Australia’s leading outsourcing specialists offering organizations a distinct competitive advantage. Connecting organizations all over the world with professional, qualified staff in the Philippines to support their local teams in whatever capacity they require.

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MicroSourcing pioneered outsourcing services in the Philippines with over 600+ active clients and 8,000+ staff currently working for organizations worldwide. Operating within eight purpose-built hubs strategically located for the best access to Manila’s talent pool.

The When

There’s no time like the present …

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