Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Report 2023

Probe CX named '2023 Australian Best Practices Company of the Year Award for CX Outsourcing'.

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Probe CX has been honored with the coveted award from Frost & Sullivan for the 11th time. Frost & Sullivan carefully assessed numerous nominees before selecting Probe CX as the outstanding recipient.

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Customer Experience Services Quadrant insights

  • Digital Operations


    “Probe CX’s comprehensive and broad range of CX-based solutions enables high-reliability service delivery to their clients. These services span customer management, consulting and intelligent automation, including a digital transformation practice specialising in UX design, process simplification, customer journey mapping and workforce optimisation.”

    Craig Baty
    Distinguished Lead Analyst
    IPL Provider Lens Solutions

    Digital Operations
  • Hybrid Working Solutions


    “Probe CX’s WFH functionality incorporates cloud-based security tools that function regardless of end users’ location and cloud-based identity management and authentication through a range of industry best practice suppliers, to provide peace of mind to their customers.”

    Craig Baty
    Distinguished Lead Analyst
    IPL Provider Lens Solutions

    Hybrid Working Solutions
  • Social Media CX Services


    “Probe CX’s expertise in advanced solutions, includes advanced analytics, RPA, chatbots and intelligent virtual agents, AI and NLP, and biometric verification. This enables the company to successfully implementing engagement solutions across a varied range of sectors including government, energy, travel, retail and healthcare sectors.”

    Craig Baty
    Distinguished Lead Analyst
    IPL Provider Lens Solutions

    Social Media CX Services

Highlights from the report

Comprehensive suite of CX services

Probe CX stands out for its commitment to delivering a comprehensive suite of intelligent customer experience (CX) services, tailored to the evolving demands of today's connected digital era.

Innovation in CX technology

Probe CX has been at the forefront of contact centre digitalization, embracing innovative solutions such as intelligent automation, natural language speech recognition, conversational AI and data analytics to enhance CX.

Customized end-to-end solutions

Probe CX’s ability to provide custom end-to-end solutions, including lead generation, inbound and outbound sales, customer service and more, has been a key factor in its success.

Customer-centric approach

Probe CX's dedication to customer focus is evident in its human-centric design approach, tailored solutions and regular client engagement, fostering higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategic acquisitions and global reach

Over the past four years, Probe CX's strategic acquisitions have propelled it to serve over 750 clients in 32 locations across five countries, supported by a workforce of over 18,000.

Financial success and market leadership

Probe CX's solid financial performance reflects its focus on the region, expansion of its client portfolio and growth in core domestic markets. The company's digital CX consulting services have gained traction across various verticals, making it a preferred choice for organizations seeking digital transformation.

To see the type of services that have led to Probe CX’s prestigious recognition, check out these real client results:

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